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Transition Bundle

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SAVE hours with this drag and drop transition Bundle. These transitions are a simple and easy way to instantly add some quality & interest to your videos!

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  • Transition Zone Pack
  • Glitch Transition Pack
  • Multiple Resolutions
  • 10 categories 
  • Works with Premiere Pro
  • No plugins required just Drag & Drop
  • Immediate digital download
  • Video tutorial included
  • Add an instant wow factor to your video.

MotionFX Pro - Plus


  1. FULL MotionFX Pro Course (400+ mins of in-depth step-by-step training.)
  2. Filming Mini Course - 5 Videos
  3. Module 2 - Hardware, 6 Videos
  4. Module 3 - Learn After Effects Mini Course, 14 Videos
  5. Module 4 - Visual Effects, 8 Videos
  6. Module 5 - Create a Style, 6 Videos
  7. Module 6 - Video Effects, 8 Videos
  8. Module 7 - Travel Effects, 9+ Videos
  9. Module 8 - Cinematic Effects, 4 Videos 
  10. Lifetime Online Access
  11. Private Facebook Group Access.
  12. BONUS Tutorials in Facebook Group.
  13. BONUS Feedback & Video Breakdowns.

What one of my students, Damian Hanley said:

Ross is an excellent teacher and EVERY second of his tutorials are meaningful and helpful. I bought another AE course right before his, and 75% of the videos were just the teacher's screen recording at 2x speed and him doing vague narration over it - not good. Ross takes everything step by step and then repeats the basic stuff enough times so you actually learn the skills and can apply them yourselves. He goes slow enough to learn, but covers enough material to feel you're getting a comprehensive skill set when you're done. I find myself going back over each lesson several times because they are so valuable.