Short Beginner Course

Online After Effects Beginner Course

"A lot of people want to learn animation but believe they don't have the skills required. Let me give you the skills and confidence you need to operate After Effects. The confidence is within you we just need to breakdown those barriers of doubt!"

Lesson 1 - The Basics

Ahoy! Welcome aboard lesson 1 of our beginner course. Can you believe we are starting an new After Effects Course that will increase your skills in using this amazing Program.

Topics Covered - Lesson 1

  • Intro to Ae and Interface.
  • Learn about each of the windows and functions.
  • Concept of Layers.
  • Intro to the tools.
  • What are effects & how they work.
  • Lesson Challenge.

Lesson 2 - Principles

Welcome aboard lesson 2 of our beginner course, when your ready just dive straight in!

Topics Covered - Lesson 2

  • Intro to Ae principles.
  • Layering basics.
  • How Time works.
  • What are keyframes & how they work.
  • Intro to Speed & how it works.
  • Lesson Challenge.

Course Booklet

Maybe your someone who prefers reading? Don't forget to follow along with the course book. It's got lots of pictures I promise!!

The book is pack with lots of helpful information you won't find in the videos. I also cover the major principles in a lot more detail, to help give you a different perspective on things.  

This is handy for those of us who need to hear things a few times before they stick... I'm certainly one of these people!

Your book is included in your welcome kit.

Lesson 3 - Animation Basics

Can you believe we are already at lesson 3 of our After Effects Course that will increase your skills in using this amazing Program. 

Topics Covered - Lesson 3

  • Starts with a test of previous lessons.
  • Anchor Point concept.
  • Create your zombie character.
  • Animate your Zombie.
  • Animation basics.
  • Lesson Challenge.

Lesson 4 - Animation Advanced

It doesn't end here, above is a link to 100's of tutorials that will teach you even more about after effects and effects you can make. Thank You so much for all your love and support without you I wouldn't be able to do what I do... so truely thank you! 

Topics Covered - Lesson 4

  • Final animation of your Zombie.
  • Animate the Zombie head.
  • Deeper understanding of Compositions.
  • Animating the Eyes for emotion.
  • Lesson Challenge.

Official Course Certification

Congratulations for finishing the course! What a great achievement you can now share with your family and friends. You can now apply for your Offical Course Certification. 

What does a Course Certification actually mean? Once you have completed the course you can submit your work via email to us at [email protected]

One of our certified course instructors will authenticate your work and once approved we will send you your Official Course Certification in the form of a signed certificate. This is not only proof of completion but is an offical recognition that you now understand the important principles/techniques covered in this course.

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