How Do The Top Video Creators

Craft Such Amazing Video Effects?

Do you watch videos from the top video creators and wonder how they make such amazing videos and effects? While you get FRUSTRATED with trying to learn After Effects and replicate similar results in your videos?

Choose The Right Course For You

MotionFX Pro is a complete course on making Video Effects. It breaks down the technical barrier to creating effects. Once you can understand how to make them, your will be able to unleash your creativity.

  • Learn After Effects and VisualFX Master Course

  • Learn Advanced techniques and analyse/make Effects

  • Make Amazing Video Effects

  • Over 50 videos

Motion Hero - After Effects Intermediate Course

Motion Hero Course

Motion Hero is an online After Effects Short Course that will teach how to concept, design and animate a Motion Graphics Project.

  • Concept a Motion Graphics Project

  • Take a Concept into a Design and into an Animation

  • Techniques I use on Paid Projects

  • 5 Video Lessons

Paid Courses vs YouTube?

With so many video tutorials available on Youtube for FREE, why should you pay for online training? As you know Youtube is a great free resource but it's difficult to find the right information which ends up costing you way more in time. How much is your time worth?

I look at it like building a house… If you just need to patch a roof or repair a leaky faucet, then YouTube is an awesome way to learn. But what if you need to build the entire house? Where do you even start? Probably not with the roof, but other than that you would be doing a lot of searching and piecemeal learning to figure it out.

Typical Expected Learning Times

  • The sad truth is, a lot of YouTube channels teach outdated techniques or they make you watch a sing and dance to increase watch time before giving you any real information!

  • YouTube says there is nearly 500 hours of content uploaded to their platform every MINUTE, this means the hours spent searching is only going up!

  • Every video in the course is structured and to the point making it easy to go back and find the right information when you need it "NO FLUFF".

  • YouTube videos are not very structured for follow up commenting. Here I'm always ready to answer questions and provide any clarification.

A 30 Day Money-Back Guarantee on Courses

This gives you a full 30 days to try out any of our Courses. 

If you don't feel you have benefited or improved your skills within 30 days, I’ll send you 100% of your money back. 

No hoops to jump through. Just make an honest attempt to follow through each video, and I will literally guarantee you will learn new skills!