Expressions Short Course

Expressions is an FREE After Effects Short Course that will teach you the basics about Expressions in After Effects. We cover what they are, how we use them as well as a few examples of common expression controls.

Lesson 1: Intro to Expressions - 4 Mins

Welcome to this FREE Expression Series. In this lesson one I introduce you to what expressions are and how they basically work.

Lesson 2: Expression Basics - 6 Mins

In lesson 2 we look at some basic expressions you can use.

Lesson 3: Wiggle Expression - 4 Mins 

  • Intro to the wiggle expression.
  • What is the wiggle expression.
  • How we use the expression.
  • Breakdown of the code.
  • Wiggle (Freq, Amp)
  • Wiggle (Freq, Amp, Octaves, Amp_Mult)
  • Adding Motion Blur.

Lesson 4: Expression Errors - 5 Mins 

  • Intro to expression errors.
  • What are they.
  • Where do they appear.
  • Why they occur.
  • Fixing expression errors.
  • Most common errors.

Lesson 5: Top 5 Expressions - 5 Mins 

  • Look at my top 5 expressions
  • Bounce Expression
  • Time Expression
  • Smooth Expression
  • SourceRecAtTime
  • Wiggle Expression