Expression Series

Beginner Series for Expression Basics

"A lot of people seem to struggle with expressions. This is due, to a simple lack of understanding of what they are and how they work. This series is designed to answer some of your questions by taking a look at the basics. 

Let's dive in together!"

Lesson 1 - Intro to Expressions

Topics Covered - Lesson 1

  • What are expressions.
  • When do we use them.
  • How do we use them.
  • How to add expression controls.
  • Using built in pre-sets.
  • Time expression.

Lesson 2 - Expression Basics

Topics Covered - Lesson 2

  • Quick re-cap.
  • Adding Basic expressions.
  • Loop Out expression.
  • Loop In expression.
  • Pingpong variable.
  • Using Pickwhip to mirror.
  • Adding controllers.

Struggling with After Effects?

Are you completely new to After Effects?  Or do you find tutorials difficult to follow? 

I'm here to help! Most people struggle with After Effects because they haven't grasped a few key basics.

Let me give you the skills and confidence you need to operate After Effects. The confidence is within you we just need to breakdown those barriers of doubt!

Lesson 3 - Wiggle Expression

Topics Covered - Lesson 3

  • Intro to the wiggle expression.
  • What is the wiggle expression.
  • How we use the expression.
  • Breakdown of the code.
  • Wiggle (Freq, Amp)
  • Wiggle (Freq, Amp, Octaves, Amp_Mult)
  • Adding Motion Blur.

Lesson 4 - Expression Errors

Topics Covered - Lesson 4

  • Intro to expression errors.
  • What are they.
  • Where do they appear.
  • Why they occur.
  • Fixing expression errors.
  • Most common errors.

Lesson 5 - Top 5 Expressions

Topics Covered - Lesson 5

  • Look at my top 5 expressions
  • Bounce Expression
  • Time Expression
  • Smooth Expression
  • SourceRecAtTime
  • Wiggle Expression

Hope you enjoyed it!

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