One on One After Effects

Video Training

As we know Free online training can be great to get a quick answer but as you know it can also create more questions at the same time. These sessions are for those that can't find the answers they need or require specific guidance. 

  • Build Your After Effects Skills

  • Right answers for your questions

  • Workflow management tips

  • Help for Animators and Motion Artists

Learn exactly how to reach your full potential in After Effects and start creating the videos you always wanted to make.

What I Do For You

The goal of these sessions is to answer your specific questions and focus in on the exact challenges you are facing. These one on one video sessions will save you hours of searching through YouTube for the right answers.

Who Is This For

  • Beginner & Intermediate After Effects Users

  • Motion Artists and Animators

  • Self Taught Video Creators

Over the past 10 years I've helped 100's of creators develop there After Effects Skills and start creating the videos they've always wanted to create.

What I Help With

  • Stop Feeling lost in a sea of information online

  • Feel more confident using After Effects

  • I will answer your exact questions

Book a consultation now to get the exact answers you've been searching for online.

How The Consultation Works

1. Apply for the Consultation

In the first step you have to complete an online form. By filling it out you are giving me useful information about your current situation so I know how best I can help.

2. You will be contacted

In the second step we contact you to ask you some questions about your After Effects goals and what obstacles are preventing you from achieving them.

3. We book a video session

We now book in a 60 minute video consultation. In this call I will answer your specific questions and give you specific advice for how you can overcome the obstacles you face.

Limited Sessions Available

Due to my limited time I only allow for a few sessions in order to facilitate the best possible results. To work with me, an application is necessary.

In the application, I will assess your goals and develop an individual step-by-step plan to help you achieve your After Effects goals.