Motion Hero Course

After Effects Motion Graphics Series

Lesson 1: Purpose & Inspiration

Topics Covered - Lesson 1

  • Introduction.
  • What sort of animation do you want to create? 
  • Choosing a Goal & Target Audience.
  • Create a Design Mood Folder. 
  • Resources for Design inspiration. 
  • How to concept a Motion Graphics Design.
  • Analysing some designs.
  • Conclusion.

Lesson 2: Creating our Motion Design

Topics Covered - Lesson 2

  • Profession tips for motion artists. 
  • Look at the 4 main design elements I like to use. 
  • Breakdown of some good designs. 
  • How to choose elements for your Motion Graphics projects.

Lesson 3: Creating Frames

Topics Covered - Lesson 3

  • More Profession tips for motion artists.
  • How to start laying out your design in After Effects. 
  • Creating a series of frames for your animation.
  • Create elements for your Motion Graphics projects.

Lesson 4: Animation Part 1

Topics Covered - Lesson 4

  • How to animate our project.
  • Creating animated typography.
  • Creating typography transitions.
  • Animate images into your project.

Lesson 5: Animation Part 2

Topics Covered - Lesson 5

  • Animating shapes and effects.
  • Animate cool zoom transitions.
  • Finalise our Motion Graphics Projects.

Hope you enjoyed it!

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