Learn After Effects Short Course


End your FRUSTRATION with trying to learn After Effects

and make future tutorials much more comfortable to follow!

What Is The Outcome?

Are you a Video Editor, Videographer or Photographer looking to transition into video effects? Then these are the essential things you need to know!  

My focus here at Flat Pack FX is to teach you how to make Video Effects, so you'll learn the most essential tools, techniques, and controls for creating exactly that. After taking this short course, you'll have a much easier time following YouTube tutorials and moving up to more advanced After Effects techniques.

Perhaps you've already TRIED learning through YouTube...

You've invested what feels like hundreds of hours into youtube tutorials, ONLY to end up in complete FRUSTRATION!

Think about it. It's easy to follow a YouTube tutorial, but NEVER fully understand how the program works?!If you skip over the fundamentals, you'll not only find tutorials difficult to follow. But you'll just end up spending MORE hours watching tutorials trying to OVERCOME the technical hurdles...


Learn The Right Way!

After Effects Beginner

Instead of creating one long course, I've broken it down into 14 short videos. They are straight to the point and structured, making it easy for you to go back and find the right information whenever you need it.

  • We learn the After Effects basics (5:10)

  • Tools panel and how it works (3:10)

  • How to use Transform properties (2:05)

  • Basic layering and pre-compositions (2:45)

  • What are keyframes and animation (3:45)

  • 10 keyboard shortcuts you should know (1:50)

  • Add effects and presets to your project (3:15)

  • Anchor point, solids and text (2:45)

  • How to create shapes and masks (8:50)

  • Parenting one layer to another (2:55)

  • Track Mattes and Blending modes (2:30)

  • Null objects and adjustment layers (3:05)

  • How to best use slow motion and fast motion (7:55)

  • Best ways and settings for exporting video (3:10)

  • BONUS Best render settings for Instagram (3:20)

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  • FULL Learn After Effects Course.

  • OVER 14 Video Lessons.

  • Option to upgrade to my MotionFX Pro Course.

  • Personal Support.

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Through helping video creators grow, they're After Effects skills and personally building a community of over 90,000 YouTube creators, including working with some big-name brands as a Motion Artist...

I've taken everything I've learned over the past 10 years, listening to all the challenges and struggles in the Youtube Community, and channeled it into a comprehensive step-by-step course After Effects short course.

I want to build up your confidence so you can learn to dominate with video production and effects.


You've Got Questions. We've Got Answers.

Will I have access to the course for life?

Yes, this is a lifetime membership - 1-time payment with no ongoing subscriptions! You'll get immediate access to the Learn After Effects Course.

What if I'm a complete beginner?

If your a beginner, PERFECT! The course is designed for people who have NEVER used After Effects or have very little After Effects knowledge. 

What is MotionFX Pro and can I upgrade?

This Course is a very small part of my MotionFX Pro Course, which is a much larger course that will teach you the A-Z for creating Video Effects. If you purchase this course you will have the option to upgrade to the full MotionFX Pro Course at anytime.

Is the Course Online?

This course is 100% Online, you will be given a unique login after purchase which will take you straight to the course page. In the future you will be able to download the entire course to take with you - offline.

What do I need to complete the course?

The course is online, so you will need an internet connection and a computer (If you're reading this then you are already have those). You will also require a copy of Adobe After Effects, a FREE trial will also work just fine. You will find all the links and resources you need included within the course.

14 Day Money-Back.

If you are not satisfied with any of the course you paid for you are entitled to a full refund within 14 days of the purchase upon written notice and request to us coupled with an explanation as to why you deserve a refund. Make an honest attempt to follow through each video, and I will literally guarantee you will learn new skills! Read our full refund policy.

Paid Course vs YouTube?

With so many video tutorials available on Youtube for FREE, why should you pay for online training? As you know, Youtube is a great free resource, but it's challenging to find the right information, which ends up costing you way more in time. How much is your time worth?

I look at it like building a house… If you just need to patch a roof or repair a leaky faucet, then YouTube is an excellent way to learn. But what if you need to build the entire house? Where do you even start? Probably not with the roof, but other than that, you would be doing a lot of searching and piecemeal learning to figure it out.  

Typical Expected Learning Times

  • The sad truth is, a lot of YouTube channels teach outdated techniques, or they make you watch 'sing and dance' to increase watch time before giving you any real information!

  • YouTube says there are nearly 500 hours of content uploaded to their platform every MINUTE, this means the hours spent searching is only going up!

  • Every video in the course is structured and to the point, making it easy to go back and find the right information when you need it "NO FLUFF."

  • YouTube videos are not very structured for having conversations. Here I'm always ready to answer questions and provide any clarification.

In 7 Days, Where Will You Be?

It’s time to stop sitting around, getting frustrated with after effects, confused why you aren’t getting the results you want and deserve.

Now is the time to harness your creativity and impact the world with your message!

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