Beginner Short Course

Learn After Effects Over 4 Easy Videos!

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This short course is for users who have no experience or very little experience using Adobe After Effects. This short course introduces you to After Effects and teaches you the basics. 


This course will:

  • Teach you how to use After Effects, tools, and create animations. 
  • Introduce the program and build your confidence. 
  • Teach you from an absolute beginners point of view. 
  • Give you the knowledge to better follow tutorials online.

What This Short Course Gives You? 

This After Effects Beginner Short Course is a step by step short series aimed at beginners that walks you through how to use and operate Adobe After Effects. Over 4 Easy videos I will teach you what you need to know from operating the program to making your first animation.


Learn how to use After Effects over 4 packed lessons, from the comfort of your own home. This Course is fully online and you can complete it at your own pace and schedule.


A downloadable 18 Page course booklet is also included to not only help you complete the course but is full of useful tips, tricks and help guides.


In a Flat Pack FX first, this course includes an exclusive live chat group feature. Join the group chat and ask anything you like.


This Course also includes a bonus After Effects welcome kit including; After Effects titles & templates that you can use for your own use. Valued over $55!

Course Access

Upon enrolment you get instant access to full After Effects beginner course including:

  • Full Course spread over 4 Lessons.
  • 18 Page Course Book.
  • Priority Chat to answer your questions.
  • Welcome Kit with templates & extras.

Easy to Follow Steps

Flat Pack Fx is a brand that is built on its high quality tutorials. We know that any training needs to be easy to understand and simple to follow, otherwise you are just wasting your time.

We have developed a method of blanking out the screen, making it much easier to see what you need too and making it much simpler to follow along with.

Course Booklet

Also Included is a full 18 page course booklet for those who like to have something to read. 

This makes a great companion to work along on the course with but its also filled with lots of juicy additional tips and tricks that you just wont find in the videos.

What Will You Learn?

Lesson 1

  • Intro to Ae and Interface. 
  • Learn about each of the windows and functions. 
  • Concept of Layers. 
  • Intro to the tools. 
  • What are effects & how they work. 
  • Challenge.

Lesson 2

  • Intro to Ae principles. 
  • Layering basics. 
  • How Time works. 
  • What are keyframes & how do they work. 
  • Intro to Speed & how it works. 
  • Challenge.

Lesson 3

  • Starts with a test. 
  • Deeper dive into how after effects works.
  • Anchor Point concept.
  • Creating a character. 
  • Animation basics.
  • Challenge.

Lesson 4

  • Finalise animation. 
  • Animate a character head. 
  • Deeper understanding of Compositions. 

  • How to create emotion.
  • Challenge.
  • When you Invest in this Training,

    You'll Experience

    • The knowledge and skills to be able to open and use Adobe After Effects. 
    • The confidence to use the program and make your own animations & Effects.
    • After this training you will find tutorials much easier to follow.

    Don't Have Time

    Once you sign up you will be sent the links to the video lessons. You can work through the videos at your own leisure and the videos will remain active forever. You can do the course whenever you are next free!

    Priority Questions

    Throughout the course you will be presented with multiple opportunities to ask Flat Pack as many questions as you like. Being part of this course, your questions will have special priority. No need to wait months for a response!

    How Does it Work

    Once signed up you will receive your starter kit and course book emailed to your nominated email. You will also receive instructions on how to access the online course. A full list of what's included can be seen below.

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    10 Day Money Back Guarantee 

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Is this course for me?

    Are you completely new to After Effects and want to learn how to make your own animations and video effects? Then this course is for you! Have you opened After Effects and you're completely overwhelmed? Or are you frustrated with the learning curve required? Then this course is for you! Are you finding tutorials difficult to follow or looking for a quick refresher course to boost your confidence? This course is for you! Who ever you are, you can purchase this course with piece of mind that if your not satisfied you can get your money back.

    When can I complete the course?

    Anytime you wish! Once you purchase the course you can complete it in your free time, online and whenever suits you. The course is online and you will have access for as long as we operate, please take your time!

    I've used After Effects before, is this course still for me?

    Yes certainly! I see it time and time again, people trying be a professional first and beginner second. A lot of people struggle to follow tutorials because they don't have a good understanding of the basics. Master the basics and you will have a much easier time following along with tutorials. It's never too late to learn!

    Where do I access the course?

    The course and all course materials are 100% online. Upon purchasing the series you can login and access all the material you need to complete the course.

    Do I need After Effects to complete this course?

    Yes, you can simply download a FREE trial version of After Effects. If you have an Adobe Cloud based subscription you can simply install After Effects from your desktop app.

    What is the money back guarantee?

    If you're disappointed for whatever reason, we'll refund you within 10 days after the purchase. You can purchase with piece of mind that our course will scratch your itch. If you have used a discount coupon or promotion please keep in mind that you will not be eligible for the refund.

    Why Wait, Let's Get Started Together!

    It's never too late to learn what it takes to make your own animations and video effects.

    See this short course up close and personal for yourself, you wont be disappointed!