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Why Don't Your Videos Look As Good As The Top Creators?

Hey Creator! Do you ever look at the top video creators – with millions of views –and wonder how they create such awesome videos & effects…

While yours seems "BASIC" and no one seems interested in watching them?

Have you ever tried to “replicate” what other creators do in their videos… Only to end up feeling disappointed with the final results?

And do you ever catch yourself wondering if all the hard work is even worth it? When no matter how much work you put into your videos, people never seem to want to watch them…

While Some Guy Using His iPhone Is Getting Millions Of Views!

If there’s anything I’ve learned over the last 10+ years helping my community of 100,000+ video creators create awesome videos and effects, personally working alongside some big name brands (Below).

What I’ve learned is most video creators don’t understand that creating good cinematic videos is a process. It's not equipment or software that makes people want watch your cinematic video.

So if you’re frustrated and confused about why you can't create awesome cinematic videos... then trust me, you’re not alone.


Why Are Some Videos So Much More Engaging Than Others?

Maybe you’ve heard some of these WRONG ways on how to make engaging Cinematic Videos:

  • You need to have the right thumbnail and clickbait title to get people to watch and enjoy your videos.
  • You need fancy music & sound effects or expensive camera gear to look professional.
  • You need to film in the most exotic locations to stand out.

Well, I’m here to tell you – None of these things actually make your videos good and get people to watch & enjoy them! What you should be focusing on instead, is remembering that good cinematic videos connect with the people who are watching them. 

So after seeing so many creators struggle, I compiled all the tips, tricks, and strategies I’ve been using for years… And turned it into a step by step course called: Travel Effects Pro

Introducing Travel Effects Pro

A Step By Step Proven Strategy For Creating

AWESOME Cinematic Videos

No matter if you have never made a cinematic video or just looking to improve your videos…

Travel Effects Pro is an easy-to-follow video course where I’ll show you, step by step, exactly how to Plan, Script, Shoot and Edit your next Cinematic Video. From separating yourself from the competition, to creating more engaging videos that keep viewers watching longer.

Here's How We'll Create Your Next Video Together...

Planning, Filming & Behind The Scenes

I take you behind the scenes, so you can see exactly how I filmed my cinematic video. Without proper planning you can't create awesome videos. I run through how I scripted, created a shot-list & storyboard and scheduled my cinematic video. "If you fail to plan, you plan to fail."

Camera Settings & Equipment

Here is the good stuff... This is everything you want to know about how I filmed my video. In the Mini Workshop I cover all the equipment I used, camera, lenses and accessories. Then I go through all the setttings I used to film my video, resolutions, frame rates, shutter speeds, aperture etc..

Will This Course Help Me Create Better & More Engaging Videos?

Let me ask you - Did you enjoy watching my cinematic video? Did you find it interesting and engaging? Do you want to create videos like this? Well I used all the strategies presented in this course, so If you answered yes to any of these questions then it can most likely help you do the same for your videos too.

3D Blender Tutorials

For the first time ever, I show you how to use Blender to create some awesome 3D effects straight from my cinematic video. I walk you through the basics of how to use Blender & then how to composite your video into After Effects to create 2 eye-catching 3D effects! I also show you step by step how I made all the major cinematic effects using After Effects.

Premiere Pro Editing

How do you work between After Effects and Premiere Pro? What should you send as a Dynamic Link? When should you use the Dynamic Link? I answer all of these common questions plus more... Learn the basics of Premiere and techniques for how to best edit cinematic videos.

Private Facebook Group

Having done online courses myself, I believe in giving you everything you NEED without all the fluff. Travel Effects Pro comes with access to my MotionFX Pro Private Facebook Group. Get personalised feedback, tutorials and breakdown videos. Students have told me that the value in my facebook groups alone is worth the cost of my courses!







Here's Everything That's Included...

  • Mini Workshop

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  • Editing & Color

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  • Cinematic Effects

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1. Mini Workshop

My first ever Mini Workshop! I go through everything you need to know for preparing and filming your cinematic video. Included with the "Travel Effects Pro" & Mini Workshop course.

  • PART 1: Scripting & Planning (39 mins) 

  • Part 2: Filming & Behind The Scenes (50 mins)

  • PART 3: Premiere Pro Editing (37 mins)

2. Editing & Color Grading

In module 2 I teach you how to create impact in your edit, Everything you need to know about Dynamic Linking, Color Grading and Music & Sound Effects. Included with the full "Travel Effects Pro" course.

  • 10 ways I Created Impact In My Edit. (16 mins)

  • Dynamic Link in After Effects and Premiere (25 mins)

  • Color Grading, Video Scopes & LUT’s (25 mins)

  • Dynamic Link Color Grading and Color Charts. (17 mins)

  • BEST way to use music and sound effects. (17 mins)

3. Cinematic Video Effects

Step by Step After Effects tutorials to teach you every major effect from my cinematic video. All the files are included so you can follow along.

Included with the full "Travel Effects Pro" course.

  • Pulling Camera Transition (33 mins)

  • Seamless Face Transition (33 mins)

  • Rock Tunnel Transition (Blender 3D)

  • 3D Map Zoom Effect (Blender 3D)

  • Holding Moon transition (45 mins)

  • Compass Transition (38 mins)

  • Floating Island Effect (32 mins)

  • Wave Transition (22 mins)

  • All Videos & Images are Included for tutorials 

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Mini Workshop PART 2

Mini Workshop PART 3

Premiere Pro Editing Tips

Cinematic Color Grading Videos

In-Depth Dynamic Link Guide

Edit Music & Sound Effects in Pr

Ae & 3D Blender Video Effects

MotionFX Pro Facebook Group

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But when you join Travel Effects Pro today, you’ll gain immediate access to a step by step process that will build your After Effects Skills and video effects knowledge.

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Customer Reviews

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Valuable Information

This is the second course I've taken from Ross and it was even better than the last one! After watching the video he made, I really knew that this one would be great. It's great that he told us exactly what equipment he used (like camera, lenses and gear). It has helped me to think a lot more creatively about the shots that I get and that good videos are all about the creativity and the story that you tell. I've learned so much valuable information in this course.

You've Got Questions?

What do I need to complete the course?

The course is online, so you will need an internet connection and a computer (If you're reading this, then you already have those). You will also require a copy of Adobe After Effects and Premiere Pro, a FREE trial will also work just fine. Also a copy of Blender a FREE 3D Program, you will find all the links and resources you need included in the course.

Mini Workshop VS Travel Effects Pro?

The Mini Workshop is 3 videos (2+ Hours) which will teach you how to Concept an idea, Script a Story, Plan & Scout your shoot, Shooting Techniques, Equipment & Camera Settings and how to edit a cinematic video. You can purchase the workshop on its own, with the option to upgrade to the full course later.

Travel Effects Pro is the FULL course which includes the Mini Workshop plus; Editing Tips and Techniques, How to Color Correct and Color Grade, An in depth guide on how to use the dynamic link, How to edit music and sound effects, 3D Blender tutorials and Step by step tutorials on how to make all the major effects seen in my video. If you purchase the full course up front, you will SAVE 15%!!

I've never used After Effects, Premiere or Blender before?

This course is aimed at beginners and intermediates. I teach you how to use Premiere and Blender for an absolute beginner, but some prior After Effects knowledge is preferred. If you are comfortable following After Effects tutorials on YouTube then you will be fine, other wise I recommend taking my Ae beginner course first.

Is this a One-Time Payment?

You have 2 payment options: You can choose to purchase only the "Mini Workshop" with the option to upgrade to the full course later "Travel Effects Pro". Or you can purchase the full course "Travel Effects Pro" now and SAVE 15%. There are NO ongoing subscription payments.

Will I have the course for life?

Yes, this is online lifetime access - with no ongoing subscriptions! You'll get a unique online login at checkout for immediate access to all the content included in your purchase. Please Note: The course tutorials are currently NOT Downloadable, but the course material is.

Can I download the course and material?

Yes, all the material you need to finish the course is included as a download. However the video tutorials themselves are NOT available for download.

This is an online course, you will be given a unique login after purchase which will take you straight to the course page.

We currently don't offer the videos as download simply because we are always updating videos in the background. We also add new videos to the private Facebook group which are not available to download, this ensures you are always watching/getting the most up to date information.

14 Day Money Back Guarantee?

If you are not satisfied with any of the course you paid for you are entitled to a full refund within 14 days of the purchase upon written notice and request to us coupled with an explanation as to why you deserve a refund.

Make an honest attempt to follow through each video, and I will literally guarantee you will learn new skills! Read our full refund policy.