$297.00 USD

Animation Elite Bundle


LIMITED-TIME COURSE BUNDLE IS ON SALE... It includes every Animation course I have. See the full list of included courses, products and services below. You'll be able to unleash your full creative potential with the huge amount of training included with this bundle.

Years and years worth of planning, shooting, editing and experience have gone into creating these high quality courses.


  1. Give you the confidents and skills to be able to make your own animations and ultimately rely less on youtube tutorials.
  2. “Save you” hours of trying to work it out yourself. You don't want to be asking what should I do next... These courses are designed to lead you through my proven and successful After Effects systems, that I use to teach students.
  3. Flat Pack FX is a brand that is trusted by 1000's of students who have followed my courses and training. Don't just take my word, check out all the testimonials and reviews from students on each product page.
  4. Have the skills to be able to use After Effects more efficiently & effectively, without the creative limitations.
  5. Being able to spend more time working on your creative passion projects and cut back your current work hours.


  1. Animation Master Course  - Premium Support (540+ minutes of content)
  2. Motion Hero Mini Course  - Premium Support (90+ minutes of content)
  3. GeoLayers 3 Mini Course  - Premium Support (180+ minutes of content)
  4. Access to the Animation Master Facebook Group
  5. Private Custom Feedback video recorded by me reviewing your work in detail to help you overcome your roadblocks. This exclusive offer isn't available to purchase on my website
  6. Premium level support across each and every course from myself and my team 
  7. Lifetime Online Access
  8. BONUS Tutorials in Facebook Group.
  9. BONUS Feedback & Video Breakdowns.