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Hey, I'm Ross

Are you a Video Editor, Videographer, or Motion Artist looking to create better and more engaging videos? Then you already know that you need to create an impact with your videos.

The best way to create impact and grab the attention of your audience is by creating engaging VIDEO EFFECTS.

I created this channel (90,000+ Creators) full of Tutorials, Packs, and Courses so you too can grow your After Effects skills and learn how to dominate with video effects.

Create AWESOME Effects In 30 Days!

I've taken everything I've learned working as a Motion Artist over the past ten years, listening to all the challenges and struggles in the Youtube Community. I've channeled it into a comprehensive step-by-step course that not only teaches you the advanced techniques but how you can dominate with video effects.







Build Your After Effects Skills

What Makes Great Video Effects?

If you're wanting to know how to make great effects then check out these videos to see how the top guys do it!

Video Effects for Travel Videos.

These are the best effects seen in the latest Travel videos. These are effects that are use by Sam Kolder, Benn TK, Erik Hedenfalk and other influences.

Top 5 Transitions you NEED to know!

Great Transitions are one of the must haves for all Motion Artists. Here are some of my best tips and practices for creating awesome transitions.

Quick Tips for After Effects Users.

No messing around here! For the time conscious video creators here's my quick tip for After Effects in under 2 Minutes.

Build Your Video Effects Toolkit

Build your effects toolkit with these AMAZING Drag & Drop Packs and Plugins. Instantly add value to your video production, exclusively created for Adobe After Effects and Premiere Pro. See more Here.

Text Message V2.0 - After EffectsText Message V2.0 - After Effects
Transition Zone - Premiere ProTransition Zone - Premiere Pro

The Ultimate Animation Course

There is a reason why animation is so widely used across mainstream media. Animation is a very effective tool for telling stories and capturing audiences interests, but when you watch animations online you can never seem to achieve the same results... 

I created this course which will teach you After Effects techniques so you'll be able to make your own animations.