Online Flagship Courses

MotionFX Pro

Video Effects Beginners

My Flagship course on how to make video effects from scratch. From using After Effects as a complete beginner, to learning the steps to creating effects, to breaking down video effects so you can make your own - it’s all here. Follow my step by step video effects plan.

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Travel Effects Pro

Video Effects Intermediate

Want to know how to make an amazing Cinematic Video from scratch? This walks you through all the steps on how you too can go out and plan, shoot and edit your own cinematic video that will grab peoples attention. If you want to create awesome videos, then start here.

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Animation Master

Animation Beginners

My flagship course on how anyone can start creating 2D Animations in just 30 days! Learn After Effects as a complete beginner and the steps I use to make compelling animations for paying clients. If you've ever thought about learning Animation, this is the best place to start.

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Online Mini Courses

GEOlayers 3 - NEW

If you're new to GEOlayers 3 and eager to create captivating map animations, you're in the right place! In this step-by-step guide tailored for beginners, I'll walk you through the process of using GEOlayers to craft visually striking and attention-grabbing map animations. No prior experience required.

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Cinematic Filming - NEW

Want To Learn How To Shoot AWESOME Videos? Follow my step by step system that I use to setup and shoot cinematic video. Gain the confidence to shoot awesome videos, my BEST camera settings and see LIVE how I film a cinematic video from scratch. Included with my "MotionFX Pro" Course.

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Motion Hero

I’ve designed this course to introduce you to animation and how to design animations in After Effects - even if your a beginner. I walk you through the process of how I use After Effects to create animations that stand out. This is the perfect complimentary course for anyone learning animation.

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Digital Packs

Text Message Effect

Premiere & After Effects

Polaroid Effect

After Effects

Magazine Effect

After Effects

Light Leaks

Any Video Editor

Transition Zone

Premiere Pro

95+ Glitch Transitions

Premiere Pro