$227.00 USD

Animation Master - Premium


  1. FULL Animation Master Course (540+ mins & 50+ Animations of in-depth step-by-step training.) 
  2. Module 1 - Learn After Effects Mini Course, 15 Videos
  3. Module 2 - Text & Background animations, 20 Animations
  4. Module 3 - Graphic Animations, 9 Animations
  5. Module 4 - Graph & Map animations, 15 Animations
  6. Module 5 - Advanced animations, 7 Animations
  7. Access to the Animation Master Private Facebook Group
  8. BONUS Tutorials, Feedback & Animation Breakdowns in Facebook Group
  9. FULL Motion Hero Mini Course, Learn to create animations from concept & design to step by step animation in After Effects. This exclusive course isn't available to purchase on my website
  10. Personalized Video, where I'll personally review your work or animations and help you overcome any obstacles you may face. Not available anywhere else on my website 
  11. Priority Support from my team

What one of my students, Richard B said:

As a newbie to after effects the course from start to finish was a walk in the park. And by that I mean the the first section will bring you up to speed on how after effects works, the panels etc. Everything is concise and explained in Ross' unique, clear style. As you approach the middle of the course they'll have you animating in a professional way I thought would take me years to achieve. LOOK, I know this probably reads like an internal review to generate more business, but I promise you, I'm a real customer. The reason why I'm leaving such a glowing review is because the customer service and the quality of the course itself has resulted in an extremely happy customer who is not afraid to say so.