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End your FRUSTRATION with trying to learn After Effects and

replicate similar results in your videos.

If you're a Video Editor, Videographer or Motion Artist looking to create better and more engaging videos, then you already know that you need to create impact in your videos.

The best way to create impact and grab the attention of your audience is by creating engaging VIDEO EFFECTS.

Through helping video creators grow their After Effects skills and personally growing a community of over 54,000 YouTube creators, including working with some big name brands as a Motion Artist...

I've learnt there are 2 factors in creating better and more engaging video effects, the "Technical Ability" and "The Creative Mind Set".


Here's What You MIGHT NOT Know

Even if you're lucky enough to be gifted with SUPER HERO After Effects skills (lucky you)... having the knowledge to create awesome effects can:

Unleash Your Full Creativity

The technical know how to creating effects can be a massive road block to your creative brain. I created MotionFX Pro to teach you the technical side of using After Effects which in turn will free your mind up and allow you to unleash your FULL creative potential.

Take Your Videos To The Next Level

Adding Video Effects is one of the BEST ways to create impact and grab the attention of your audience. The goal is to help you create better and more engaging videos using VIDEO EFFECTS.

Significantly Boost Your Confidence

Think about it. If your biggest hurdle right now is the technical barrier to making effects, once you can overcome this you will gain a significant boost to your confidence levels. This will allow you to push your video creations even further.

Save Hours Digging Through YouTube

As you know YouTube is a great free resource but it's difficult to find the right information which ends up costing you way more in time. If you understand the steps, then following future tutorials will not only be easier but will end up SAVING you countless hours of "YouTube Diving".

I WANT To Break Down Video Effects

 So I Can make My Own.

But Where The Heck Do I Start!?

Perhaps in your most courageous moments you've made the commitment to start learning. You've invested what feels like hundreds of hours into youtube, watching tutorials, analysing the effects from the top video creators.

But even with the best intentions, most would-be video creators end up abandoning their creations, allowing their frustrations to get the better of them.

Here's why most would-be video creators abandon their projects:

Think about it. It’s easy to follow a YouTube tutorial but NEVER fully understand the individual techniques that make up a particular effect. 

They fall victim to the technical hurdles (other creators always make it look soooo easy), or lack of clarity over exactly what what they need to do next to build their effects.

Here's why this is so crippling.

The moment you get lost in this process, it's very difficult to recover. The longer you spiral the more you compound these bad practices and techniques into long term habits.

This means, NOW is a golden opportunity for you to change direction and start learning the right way.

Here Is The Secret To Creating

AWESOME Video Effects.

There is a reason the TOP VIDEO CREATORS make it look so easy in their videos...

The main reason for this, is those top creators understand the technical steps and posses the knowledge needed to make high impact video effects.

As long as you can follow the steps and OVERCOME the hurdles that sink most would-be video creators, the path is paved for you to create BETTER and more ENGAGING Video Effects.

The key ingredient to all of this is a course that teaches you those techniques.



I've taken everything I've learned working as a Motion Artist over the past 10 years, listening to all the challenges and struggles in the Youtube Community, and channeled it into a comprehensive step-by-step course that not only teaches you the advanced techniques, but how you too can dominate with video effects.

"With what i've learnt in Ross' course, I was able to build my after effects skills and video effects knowledge. This course speaks to the people who are struggling to make their videos better or need a starting point, and it's all included in this course."

Luke Brayden

Motion Artist, USA

"I am a completely confused person when it comes to breaking into effects and roaming into after effects. This course has taught me a lot as an intermediate video editor.Thank you so much guys! Love it 😊"

Shamrat Neero

Video Editor, Bangladesh







Here’s Exactly How We’ll Grow 

Your Skills Together...

Module 1 | The Hardware

Module 1 is all about the Hardware, introducing you to everything you will need to create video effects from the computer to the software.

Module 1 Videos:

  • 1.1: How to choose the best computer for you.

  • 1.2: 5 computer accessories you should own?

  • 1.3: Adobe Creative Cloud, After Effects & Premiere Pro.

  • 1.4: Top 5 Creative software you should own?

  • 1.5: Top 5 packs & plugins I use. 

  • 1.6: Best Data Management Tips.

  • 1.7: My Entire Equipment list.

Module 2 | Camera Techniques

Module 2 is understanding your camera. Video Effects is exactly that, it is digital effects that have been added over Video footage. It's an integral part of the process and you can't have one without the other.

Module 2 Videos:

  • 2.1: Importance of cameras and After Effects?

  • 2.2: 4 Tips for choosing a camera.

  • 2.3: 7 Steps to shooting awesome video.

  • 2.4: Top 8 Tips for filming Cinematic videos.

  • 2.5: 8 Camera accessories you should own.

Module 3 | Learn After Effects

This Module is all about learning After Effects from the ground up. I've broken it down into smaller sections, making it easy for you to go back and find the right information whenever you need it.

Module 3 Videos:

  • 3.1: After Effects basics.

  • 3.2: Tools panel.

  • 3.3: Transform Properties.

  • 3.4: Basic Layering and Pre-Comps.

  • 3.5: Keyframes and Basic Animation.

  • 3.6: 10 Keyboard Shortcuts you should know.

  • 3.7: Add Effects & Presets.

  • 3.8: Anchor Point, Solids and Text.

  • 3.9: Creating Shapes and Masks.

  • 3.10: Parenting one layer to another.

  • 3.11: Track Mattes & Blending Modes.

  • 3.12: Null objects & Adjustment layers.

  • 3.13: Slow Motion and Fast Motion.

  • 3.14: Best Ways & Settings for Exporting video.

  • 3.15 BONUS: Best Render Settings for Instagram Videos.

Module 4 | Visual Effects (VFX)

Get ready to learn Advanced After Effects techniques, from green screens to advanced tracking and Masking techniques. This Module covers the most important skills you need to know for creating video effects.

Module 4 Videos:

  • 4.1: 5 Steps to filming Green Screen.

  • 4.2: 4 Easy steps to remove any Green Screen.

  • 4.3: Fixing Common Green Screen mistakes.

  • 4.4: Awesome Green Screen ideas for your Projects.

  • 4.5: 2D & 3D Camera Tracking.

  • 4.6: Advanced Tracking with Mocha.

  • 4.7: Sky Replacement & Masking techniques.

  • 4.8: Rotoscoping & Advanced Masking.

  • 4.9: How to Remove anything from video.

  • 3.10 BONUS: 2D to 3D images using Projection Mapping.

  • 3.11 BONUS: 2D to 3D images using Displacement Map. 

  • 4.12 BONUS: Why you NEED to know dynamic linking.

Module 5 | Creating your own Style

Do you know how to create your own style? Well, this is exactly what we cover in this module, taking you on a deep dive into what makes up a UNIQUE Style. I show you how the top creators do it and how you can analyse and replicate effects yourself!

Module 5 Videos:

  • 5.1: Creating your own unique style. 

  • 5.2: 5 things the top video creators do.

  • 5.3: 5 common mistakes you should avoid.

  • 5.4: How Benn TK has MASTERED Effects.

  • 5.5: How Sam Kolder uses effects with his STORYTELLING.

  • 5.6: Why Erik Hedenfalk’s effects are UNDERRATED.

  • 5.7: Tips for Replicating Effects PART 1.

  • 5.8: Tips for Replicating Effects PART 2.

  • 5.9 BONUS: Why these Iceland Video Effects are AMAZING!

Module 6 | Video Effects

Here are some Step by Step tutorials to test your After Effects skills. These popular video effects have been strategically chosen to test the skills you have learned throughout this course.

Module 6 Videos:

  • 6.1: Quick Whip Camera Pans.

  • 6.2: Inception Zoom Title.

  • 6.3: Hyper-lapse Zoom Through Window.

  • 6.4: Epic Camera Keyhole Zoom.

  • 6.5: Sam Kolder Smooth Zoom.

  • 6.6: Smooth Panning Camera Effect.

  • 6.7: Gradual Luma Reveals.

  • 6.8: Glitch Edge Effect.

  • 6.9 BONUS: My Top 5 Camera Transitions.

Course Extras

MotionFX Pro comes loaded with features and extras including:

  • Instant Online access to course.

  • FREE links to video resources you can download.

  • All future updates and course additions.

  • Links to 100's of FREE Youtube Tutorials & Resources.

  • Get 25% OFF all Packs, Courses and Plugins.

  • First Class Priority Support.

  • No Subscriptions, ONE time fee for LIFETIME Access.

So What Would It Be Worth To You If...

In just 30 Days from now you were in possession of these AMAZING SKILLS.

Advanced After Effects Skills

Understand the must know features and techniques of how After Effects works. Allowing you to overcome the technical barriers of making effects.

The Essential VFX Skills

Learn the steps for filming, editing and fixing Green Screens. Advanced tracking, sky replacements and Advanced Removal & Masking Techniques.

Be Able To Breakdown Effects

Learn the tips and strategy for how you too can breakdown, analyse and replicate other peoples effects all on your own.

Make Effects Like The Best

Comprehensive Step by Step tutorials to test your skills by making some of the most popular video effects using Adobe After Effects.

5 Things The Top Creators Do

Get FREE access to watch "5 Things The Top Video Creators Do in their videos".

This will give you an inside look into the type of training you will get in MotionFX Pro Course. Creating good video effects is not all about learning a program, there is a lot more to it...

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With more people creating videos, it’s getting harder and harder to break through the noise.

But when you join MotionFX Pro today, you’ll gain immediate access to a step by step process that will build your After Effects Skills and Effects Knowledge.

I want to build your technical ability so you can create better and more engaging videos with video effects

I believe in this course so much, I’m including…

A 30 Day Money-Back Guarantee 

This gives you a full 30 days to try out MotionFX Pro. 

If you don't feel you have benefited or improved your skills within 30 days, I’ll send you 100% of your money back. 

No hoops to jump through. Just make an honest attempt to follow through each video, and I will literally guarantee you will learn new skills!

Customer Reviews

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Absolutely Loving It 😁
Awesome work Dude!
Awesome! Love the course 😃

You've Got Questions. We've Got Answers.

30 Day Money-Back Guarantee.

I believe in this course so much, I’m including a 30 day money back guarantee. If you don't feel you have benefited or improved your skills within 30 days, I’ll send you 100% of your money back. 

What if I'm a complete beginner?

If your a beginner, then even better! Start with the Learn After Effects Course and work your way up. The course will teach you After Effects for an absolute beginner. Once you're ready, upgrade to the next course "VisualFX Master" and learn more advanced After Effects techniques. Then you will be ready to take on MotionFX Pro and go on a deep dive into what makes awesome video effects!

Is this a Motion Graphics Course for After Effects?

No, this is NOT a Motion Graphics Course. This Course purely looks at how you can add digital effects over video footage such as Transitions, Digital Cameras, Tracking Effects, Green Screen etc...

If you want to learn motion graphics then check out our Motion Hero Short Course here.

Will I have access to the course for life?

Yes, this is a lifetime membership - 1 time payment with no ongoing subscriptions! You'll get immediate access to all current content as well as any NEW content I create for MotionFX Pro into the future.

Is the Course Online?

This course is 100% Online, you will be given a unique login after purchase which will take you straight to the course page. In the future you will be able to download the entire course to take with you - offline.

What do I need to complete the course?

The course is online, so you will need an internet connection and a computer (If you're reading this then you are already have those). You will also require a copy of Adobe After Effects, a FREE trial will also work just fine. You will find all the links and resources you need included within the course.

Paid Course vs YouTube?

With so many video tutorials available on Youtube for FREE, why should you pay for online training? As you know Youtube is a great free resource but it's difficult to find the right information which ends up costing you way more in time. How much is your time worth?

I look at it like building a house… If you just need to patch a roof or repair a leaky faucet, then YouTube is an awesome way to learn. But what if you need to build the entire house? Where do you even start? Probably not with the roof, but other than that you would be doing a lot of searching and piecemeal learning to figure it out.

Typical Expected Learning Times

  • The sad truth is, a lot of YouTube channels teach outdated techniques or they make you watch a sing and dance to increase watch time before giving you any real information!

  • YouTube says there is nearly 500 hours of content uploaded to their platform every MINUTE, this means the hours spent searching is only going up!

  • Every video in the course is structured and to the point making it easy to go back and find the right information when you need it "NO FLUFF".

  • YouTube videos are not very structured for follow up commenting. Here I'm always ready to answer questions and provide any clarification.

30 Days From Now, Where Will You Be?

If you’re still reading this, then you know you want more from your videos and effects.

It’s time to stop sitting around, getting frustrated with after effects, confused why you aren’t getting the results you want and deserve.

Now is the time to harness your creativity and impact the world with your message!

It all starts by clicking the big button below… 

And I’ll see you on the inside! 

Creator of MotionFX Pro

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