What If You Could Make A Cinematic Video That People Will Love?

Discover the step by step system that I use to create videos exactly like this, even if you are a beginner and never used After Effects or Premiere Pro before.

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Hey I’m Ross, and if you have ever looked at the top video creators – with millions of views – and wonder how they create such awesome videos & effects…

While yours seems "BASIC" and no one seems interested in watching them?

Maybe you’ve heard some of these WRONG ways on how to make engaging Cinematic Videos:

  •  You need to have the right thumbnail and clickbait title to get people to watch and enjoy your videos.
  •  You need fancy music & sound effects or expensive camera gear to look professional.
  •  You need to film in the most exotic locations to stand out.
  •  You need years of experience to even have a chance.

Well, I’m here to tell you – none of these things actually make your videos good and get people to watch & keep them watching! 


The Idea That “Pretty Shots Hold Audiences Attention” is a myth


When I was shooting videos for paying clients, I realised I had to make not only engaging videos but make them very quickly and cost effectively. Repeating this process over 1000’s of videos and 10+ years, taught me that:

  •  This technical ability and step by step plan can be taught to and used by anyone.
  •  I didn’t have to be some video genius to make engaging videos.
  •  To make videos engaging requires a little forward planning.

So after refining this my process and seeing so many creators struggle, I compiled all the tips, tricks, and strategies I’ve been using for years… And turned it into a step by step online course called: Travel Effects Pro


Travel Effects Pro

My end-to-end, proven system that I used to create engaging cinematic videos and effects, even if you are a beginner and have never used After Effects or edited video before.

Gain Confidence

I lead you step by step through a proven system that will get you results. As a result you'll gain confidence in your filming and editing abilities.

Gain Freedom

Gain the freedom to be able to make your own videos and effects. You'll understand how to edit a stand out video in Premiere Pro.

New Abilities

This course will give you the ability to plan, shoot and edit a cinematic video. Once you overcome the roadblocks you currently face, the sky's the limit!

This Training is Focused On 3 Core Areas: 

Here’s everything you’ll learn inside of the 16 part training (490+ mins)

Module 1 - Filming, Gear & Editing

3 Part Mini Workshop

  • You gain the confidence to plan, shoot & edit a cinematic video - even if your a complete beginner
  • Learn step by step process to create engaging videos, that grab peoples attention
  • Overcome the mental barriers that keep most creators from success
  • The best equipment and settings to get the sharpest results
  • Videos: Scripting & Planning, Filming & Behind the scenes and Premiere Pro Editing

Module 2 - Editing & Color Grading

5 Videos

  • How to create impact in your video edits
  • My proven methods for creating a simple color grade that stands out
  • Learn techniques that I use to deliver high quality videos for clients
  • Step by step plan for working between Premiere & After Effects, become a more efficient editor 
  • Videos: Create impact in your edit, Dynamic Linking, Color Grading, Dynamic Link Color Grading, Music and Sound design

Module 3 - Cinematic Video Effects

8 Videos - Effects from my "What We Seek" Cinematic video

  • Gain the confidence to use After Effects to create advanced effects
  • Learn how to use Blender to create 3D effects that will wow people
  • Gain the confidence to make your own transitions and effects
  • Transitions: Pulling camera, Seamless Face, Rock Tunnel, 3D Map Zoom, Sun to Moon, Compass, Floating Island Effect and Wave

But today you get access to all of this for only one payment of $147 $127

If you went to film school and paid $30,000 to learn this, wouldn’t it be worth it? You’ll walk away with the skills and  passion to create - I certainly wish they had taught me this stuff at film school!





  • Module 1 - FULL 3 Part Mini workshop. Scripting, planning, storyboarding, equipment, how to film & how to edit in Premiere Pro
  • Module 2 - Editing, Color Grading, In-depth dynamic linking, editing tips, music & sound effects.

Module 3 - 8 Part Cinematic effects, Major effects for After Effects & Blender 3D.

Lifetime Online Access

Private Facebook Group Access.

BONUS Tutorials in Facebook Group.

BONUS Feedback & Video Breakdowns.





  • Module 1 - FULL 3 Part Mini workshop. Scripting, planning, storyboarding, equipment, how to film & how to edit in Premiere Pro
  • Module 2 - Editing, Color Grading, In-depth dynamic linking, editing tips, music & sound effects.
  • Module 3 - 8 Part Cinematic effects, Major effects for After Effects & Blender 3D.
  • Lifetime Online Access
  • Private Facebook Group Access.
  • BONUS Tutorials in Facebook Group.
  • BONUS Feedback & Video Breakdowns.

14 Day Money Back

You get it all for less than $5 a day for the next 30 days and to make it a no-brainer deal for you. I’m giving you a 14 day money-back guarantee with your purchase.

If you are not satisfied with any of the product you paid for you are entitled to a full refund within 14 days of the purchase upon written notice and request to us coupled with an explanation as to why you deserve a refund. Read refund policy.

Who Is This Course For?

Do any of the people below sound like you? If yes, then this course will be of great benefit to you. If you're still not sure if this course is best for you, then check out our helpful course selection guide here.

  • You’ve always wanted to learn how to make Cinematic Videos & Effects but don’t know where to start.
  • You've watched Cinematic Videos & Travel Videos online but can never seem to replicate the results yourself.
  • You're an Intermediate or Advanced After Effects / Premiere Pro user.
  • You want to make Travel Videos & Effects like the other creators you see online.
  • You want to be able to shoot, edit and create your own video effects without having to watch YouTube tutorials.
  • You want someone to show you a step by step process of how they make a Cinematic Video - like the video at the top of this page.

...But YouTube is FREE?


Why should I pay for training when YouTube is FREE? YouTube tutorials are perfect for how to do a specific task, not how to properly learn the program to the point that you don't need to watch tutorials. What i'm offering is a 1,2,3... structured plan with the sole purpose of teaching skills that will allow you to create your own material and rely less on YouTube tutorials.



  • It’s free, but you’ll be paying in the additional time to learn.
  • It's all well and good following a tutorial, but you won't learn the skills that allows you to make your own videos.
  • I know i've been here, it can take around 2 years to really learn After Effects properly.
  • How do you know what you should be learning and when?
  • There is no plan & support available to you.
  • I know... 100% you'll learn bad habits and techniques.

Film School


  • Its expensive! A degree in film will cost you around $30,000 in America.

  • It will take you about 12 months to complete full time.

  • You will get a structured course, but you’ll learn a lot of stuff that isn’t relevant to what you want to do.

  • You may not be learning the most up to date techniques and trends.

  • I have a bachelor in film and no one has ever asked to see it!

Travel Effects Pro



  • Its extremely affordable!
  • Straight to the point, structured learning.
  • Learn everything in 30 Days - Lifetime access.
  • You’re learning the most up to date techniques and online trends.
  • Community support even after you finish the course.
  • Get lifetime access to the course, so you can refer back anytime.
  • It has generated proven results for my students.
  • Its risk free, with a 14 day money back guarantee.

At The End Of This Course, Where Will You Be?

Imagine you’ve just returned from a filming trip and your beaming with confidence, because you now possess the right knowledge, the right tools and material to make your next video stand out!

Now compare this to the last trip you took, all the questions about what should I be filming? What material do I need in order to re-create an effect? What should I plan? How do I prepare?

Do yourself a favour and invest in a step by step plan that is guaranteed and proven, and make life easier for yourself.

See you on the inside…

Ross | Flat Pack FX

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