Create Cinematic Video Effects That Captivate

As a coach and After Effects Guru, I've personally helped 100's of students start and grow their After Effects & Video Skills to the next level.

  Results-based education

  Professional guidance

  Trusted by 500+ students

  Premium Support


Create Cinematic  Video Effects That Captivate

As a coach and After Effects Guru, I've personally helped 100's of students start and then grow their After Effects & Video Skills to the next level.

  Results-based education

  Professional guidance

  Trusted by 500+ students

  Premium Support

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Almost 80% of students online quit before they want to.

That's because, for many students they get frustrated when they don't have clear instructions or know what to do next.

 Feeling technically overwhelmed

 Have a vision but not sure how to make it

 Following YouTube videos is too hard

 Too time consuming to learn

 Training is too boring


Travel Effects Pro is a proven results-based education that helps you avoid and overcome  the common hurdles


Maybe you can relate to this...

  • You‚Äôve always wanted to learn¬†video effects but don‚Äôt know where to go.
  • You find¬†After Effects very frustrating at times because you don't know how to properly use it.
  • What are right tools, systems and strategies I should be using to get my skills to that next level?
  • how do I plan, shoot and edit a cinematic video?
  • How do I build my¬†skills to be able to use After Effects more efficiently and without limitations...


Well don't worry, I'm here to help you!

I'm Ross, and I've been exactly where you are.

That's why I created Travel Effects Pro, a course where creatives like you can overcome those barriers. My passion for teaching video effects, bringing people together and creating a community of like minded passionate creators is what drives me. I offer more than just a basic tutorial; I provide an step by step plan for creating engaging video effects.


What Benefits  Can You Expect From This Course?

1. Build Confidence

Have the confidence and know how, so that you can focus on your creative thinking and ultimately making cinematic videos.

2. Creative Freedom

Having confidence in After Effects will give you the freedom to be able to make your own video effects. You'll no longer have to spend hours searching through YouTube.

3. Acquire New Abilities

This course will help you overcome the roadblocks and barriers you currently face. This will allow you to unleash your FULL creative potential.

My Students Speak For Themselves


Here's What You'll Get...

Mini Workshop 1: Scripting & Planning Your Video

40 Mins

  • Master the essential skills of video scripting and planning. All the top creators plan their videos,¬†this¬†is essential.
  • Boost your confidence in creating professional-quality videos¬†- even if you're a complete beginner
  • Follow a step-by-step process for creating engaging, attention-grabbing content
Mini Workshop 2: Filming & Behind The Scenes

50 Mins

  • Develop confidence in your video production skills, from planning to editing¬†- even if your¬†new to this stuff
  • Gain expertise in the step-by-step process of filming a high-quality video
  • Overcome obstacles and achieve your desired results with ease
  • Utilize the best equipment and settings for sharp and professional results
Mini Workshop 3: How To Edit Your Video

40 Mins

  • Master editing techniques used by me to create cinematic videos
  • Gain confidence in using Premiere Pro
  • Produce standout videos that captivate your audience
  • Overcome common barriers and achieve your desired editing results¬†
  • Learn a proven step-by-step editing process for creating cinematic videos
Module 2: Dynamic Link, Editing & Color Grading

5 Videos

  • Enhance the impact of your video edits with practical tips and techniques
  • Simplify the process of creating a stunning color grade that captures your audience's attention
  • Raise the quality of your videos to meet the expectations of your audience
  • My step-by-step plan for¬†working between Premiere & After Effects,¬†become a more efficient editor¬†
  • Videos:¬†Create impact in your edit, Dynamic Linking, Color Grading, Dynamic Link Color Grading, Music and Sound design
Module 3: Cinematic Video Effects

8 Videos - Effects from my "What We Seek" Cinematic video

  • Enhance your editing skills by incorporating advanced effects with After Effects
  • Add a new dimension to your videos with stunning 3D effects created in Blender
  • Stand out from the crowd with unique transitions and effects that you've created yourself
  • Build confidence in your editing abilities by mastering After Effects and Blender
  • Transitions:¬†Pulling camera, Seamless Face, Rock Tunnel, 3D Map Zoom,¬†Sun to Moon, Compass, Floating Island Effect and Wave


Minutes of Content


Video Lessons


Video Modules


Video Effects You'll Learn

Here are some of the effects and transitions you'll be learning

Digital Planner Kit  Streamline Your Production Process!

Transform your video production workflow with the exact templates I use to plan my videos. Save hours for your next project, kit includes:

  • Script Template (Word + PDF)
  • Shot List Template (Word + PDF)
  • Schedule Template (Word + PDF)
  • BONUS: My original script, shot list, and schedule from¬†my cinematic video.

Why You Need This Kit:

  • Efficiency: Follow a proven plan to streamline your production.
  • Avoid Mistakes: Use templates to prevent common errors.
  • Step-by-Step Guidance: Plan and execute projects effectively.

Don't miss out! Add the Digital Planner Kit to your order at checkout and elevate your video production game.

Get Lifetime Access To:

‚ėÖ¬†The Online¬†Travel Effects Pro Course¬†(valued at $997)
‚ėÖ¬†My¬†Video Effects Mini Course¬†(valued at $117)
‚ėÖ¬†Priority Support¬†(valued at $247)
‚ėÖ¬†Access to Private Facebook group¬†(valued at $247)
‚ėÖ¬†Translated Subtitles: English, Chinese, German, Hindi, Spanish & Arabic
Total Value =  USD $1608

Normal Price =  $394

Don't go to film school to learn this. Get started NOW!

If you were going to go to film school and paid $30,000 to learn this, wouldn’t it be worth it? You’ll walk away with a passion to create, the skills to be able to make video effects, and confidence in your abilities.. starting from just $67!

Important Notice:¬†We only sell our courses on this official website‚ÄĒbuy directly from us to avoid scams and ensure authenticity.

Pricing Options

Choose between payment plan or one-time payment. Every purchase comes with a 14-day money back guarantee.

14 Day Money Back 

You get it all for less than $4.50 a day for the next¬†30 days and to make it a no-brainer deal for you. I‚Äôm giving you a 14 day money-back guarantee with your purchase.¬†Important Notice:¬†We only sell our courses on this official website‚ÄĒbuy directly from us to avoid scams and ensure authenticity.

If you are not satisfied with any of the product you paid for you are entitled to a full refund within 14 days of the purchase upon written notice and request to us coupled with an explanation as to why you deserve a refund. Read our full refund policy here.

- flat pack fx

Who Is This Course For?

If any of these people sound like you, then this course will be of great benefit to you

You’ve always wanted to learn video effects but don’t know where to start

You've tried but can never seem to replicate the results yourself

You're a complete beginner or intermediate After Effects user

You want to make videos & effects like the creators you see online

You want to be able to make your own effects without having to watch YouTube vids

Get Started HERE

...But YouTube is Free

As we know YouTube tutorials are perfect for how to do a specific task, but not how to properly learn the program. I offer a structured plan to learn the skills that will allow you to create your own videos and rely less on YouTube tutorials.



  • It's free, but you'll be paying in the additional time to learn
  • No¬†structure¬†or framework
  • Can take 2+ years to learn After Effects... I know
  • Outdated techniques
  • Questionable online "Experts"
  • No plan or support
  • You will 100% learn bad techniques
Film School


  • It's expensive! A degree in film will cost around $30,000 in USA
  • It will take about 18 months to complete full time
  • You'll learn a lot of stuff that isn't relevant to what you want to do
  • You may not learn the most up to date techniques and trends
  • I have a bachelor in film and no one has ever asked to see it!

$127$97x 2 Payments

  • Its extremely affordable!
  • Straight to the point, structured learning
  • Lifetime¬†online access
  • Up to date¬†techniques
  • Full community¬†support
  • Plus it Includes my¬†Full Video Effects Mini Course
  • My training has generated¬†proven results for my students
  • Priority level support
  • 14 Days Money Back

At The End Of This Course, Where Will You Be?

Imagine you’ve just returned from a filming trip and your beaming with confidence, because you now possess the right knowledge, the right tools and material to make your next video stand out!

Now compare this to the last trip you took, all the questions about what should I be filming? What material do I need in order to re-create an effect? What should I plan? How do I prepare?

Do yourself a favour and invest in a step by step plan that is guaranteed and proven, and make life easier for yourself. See you on the inside…

- flat pack fx

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