The Ultimate Animation Course

Learn how to Master Animation with After Effects in just 30 Days!

  • 40+ Videos & 50+ Animations
  • Learn 2D Animation
  • Learn Adobe After Effects
  • Animated Backgrounds
  • Infographics
  • Title Animations
  • Map Animations
  • Facebook Group
  • Plus so much more...

2 Big Problems I Hear From Creators;

1. They watch videos online but can never seem to replicate the results in their own videos.

2. They have a hard time coming up with Animation Ideas.

If this sounds like you, then there are a few reasons why you're struggling to replicate the results in your own videos. I created this course to teach you those After Effects techniques and help you come up with new ideas. I will teach you how you can create simplistic Infographics, maps and animations that will not only covey your story but people will love.

After Effects

This course will teach you After Effects from zero. Learn everything you need to know about how to use After Effects, in order to create animations.

2D Animations

Learn to create titles, lower thirds, flat animations, isometric animations and how to use archival images & footage to create engaging slideshows.


Learn how to create graph animations and present statistics in an exciting way. Learn how to create animated graphics that stand out. 

Map Animations

Learn how to create beautiful map animations that grab your viewers attention. Create dynamic movements over your maps using 3D cameras.

Is This Course For You?

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Video animation has become the main tool for most online media. There has never been a better  time to learn and master it.

People's online attention spans are short, one of the best ways to present information and increase engagement is by using animation.

As someone who has made my entire living from creating animations over the past 10+ years, I know first hand just how powerful animation can be.

After building an After Effects community of over 90,000 creators and working with some big-name brands, I'm now teaching you how you can learn to design and create your own 2D animations.




I Will Teach You;

  • How you can be consistent in your animation style.

  • How to work in 3d space and create dynamic camera movements.

  • How to bring still images to life in slideshows and animated graphics.

  • How to take a voice over and turn it into an animation using colors, fonts and different styles.

I Will Show You;

  • Where to find Vectors online and how to effectively use them in After Effects.

  • How to create a documentary style video using archival footage, images and voice over.

  • Different ideas for text/titles and simple animations to bring them to life.

  • Graphs and interesting ways to present statistics and information.

"After spending months looking for After Effects tutorials on how to make engaging infographics and graphic animations, this course perfectly fit the bill. The value here is excellent."

Kyle Slinn

Creator, Canada

"What I like about Ross's videos, is that he is always showing you how to make new and interesting animations while teaching you different techniques. A game changer in my opinion!"

Nathan Taylor

Video Creator, USA

"This course quickly introduces you to a number of key techniques you can use to advance your animation skill. No time is wasted going over unnecessary or arbitrary functionality."

Geo Perspective

YouTube Creator, Ireland







What Is Included?

  • Module 1

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  • Module 2

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  • Module 3

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  • Module 4

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  • Module 5

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  • Extras

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1. Learn Animation & After Effects

In the first module I'll teach you the steps of how to plan out an animated video from start to finish and teach you the basics of using After Effects. With this, you'll be ready to take on the rest of the course.

15 Videos & Learn After Effects

  • 5 Steps to Create any Animation - 11 Mins

  • After Effects basics - 5 Mins

  • Tools panel - 3 Mins

  • Transform Properties - 2 Mins

  • Basic Layering and Pre-Comps - 3 Mins

  • Keyframes and Basic Animation - 4 Mins

  • 10 Keyboard Shortcuts you should know - 2 Mins

  • Effects & Presets - 3 Mins

  • Anchor Point, Solids and Text - 3 Mins

  • Shapes, Masks & Roto Brush - 9 Mins

  • Parent one layer to another - 3 Mins

  • Track Mattes and Blending Modes - 3 Mins

  • Null objects & Adjustment layers - 3 Mins

  • Slow Motion and Fast Motion - 8 Mins

  • Best Ways & Settings for Export video - 3 Mins

Text & Background Animations

In module 2 we start creating text animations, titles and lower thirds. We also look at how to create different animated textures and backgrounds.

5 Videos & 20 Animations

  • 4 Easy Line Animations - 24 Mins

  • 5 Simple Lower third projects - 24 Mins

  • 4 Beautiful Clean Text animations - 20 Mins

  • 3 Textured Backgrounds - 12 Mins

  • 3 Animated Backgrounds - 28 Mins

  • All Graphics & Images are Included 

3. Graphic Animations

Here is where I teach you how to master camera movements for dynamic effect. We also look at how to create Flat Graphic animations, Ink Effects, 2D Graphics and use Archival images to create an engaging slideshow.

5 Videos & 9 Animations

  • Master Camera movements for Dynamic Effect - 18 Mins

  • Archival Image Slideshow - 13 Mins

  • Flat Graphic Animation - 18 Mins

  •  Ink Effects - 12 Mins

  • 2D Graphic Animation - 23 Mins

  • All Graphics & Images are Included 

4. Graphs & Maps

Now the fun really begins with AMAZING Graph and Map animations. We will look at a wide variety of animations that will build upon your skills from the previous modules.

9 Videos & 15 Animations

  • Introduction to Module 4

  • 2 Bar Graph Animations - 17 Mins

  • 2 Circular Graphs - 13 Mins

  • Dot Graph - 7 Mins

  • 3 Line Graph Animations - 21 Mins

  • Area Graph - 9 Mins

  • FREE Resources for Maps & Graphics - 5 Mins

  • 2 Dark Map Animations - 23 Mins

  • 3D Maps & Markers - 21 Mins

  • War & Conflict Maps - 23 Mins

  • All Graphics & Images are Included 

5. Animation Videos

In this module I will show you how to take a finished script or voice over and turn it into an animation. We examine the goals, color choices, fonts, style and show you step by step how to animate each video.

6 Videos & 7 Animations

  • Introduction to Module 5

  • Paper Graphics Animation - 44 Mins

  • 2 Timeline Animation - 22 Mins

  • Isometric Animation - 20 Mins

  • Documentary Style - 31 Mins

  • Bright Energy Animation - 27 Mins

  • Course Promo Breakdown - 15 Mins

  • All Graphics & Images are Included 

Included In The Course

Check out more FREE videos over on the Flat Pack Fx Youtube Channel or watch even more videos posted on the Private Facebook group.

  • Instant online access to course

  • Captions Arabic, French, Hindi & Spanish

  • Special offers and discounts

  • All Course material is included in download (Not the Videos)

  • No Subscriptions, ONE fee for ONLINE Access

  • Access to Private Facebook Group

Private Facebook Group & Mentoring

Having done online courses myself, I believe in giving you everything you NEED to know without all the fluff. Talk directly to me and to get feedback on your personal videos, access to persoanlized tutorials made specifically for community members, access to our private Facebook Group & we regularly update all the videos to make sure your learning the latest up-to-date techniques.

You Get It All Today For

  • Immediate Online Access to the full Animation course

  • My Learn After Effects Course is also included, with 14 videos - ($79 Value)

  • The full Animation Master Course - ($199 Value)

  • Direct 1 on 1 contact with me via the Private Facebook Group

  • Includes over 40 Videos & 50 Animations to complete.

  • Links to all the files and media you will need to make awesome animations.



That’s $4.30 A Day For The Next 30 Days.

Plus: Saving You Hours of Digging Through Youtube.

With more people creating videos, it’s getting harder and harder to break through the noise.

But when you join Animation Master today, you’ll gain immediate access to a step by step process that will build your After Effects Skills and Animation knowledge.

I believe in this course so much, I’m including my 14 Day Money back Guarantee. Read full terms below

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Agnieszka Borzyszkowska

Animation Master - After Effects Animation Course

Kjell Brataas

I really loved this course, and I learned a lot. Ross has a great way of explaining the various topics included in the course, and he covers a vast array of ways of using After Effects for modern video productions. His examples are easy to understand, yet at the same time you learn a lot of advanced ways of using this fantastic program. The course Ross offers is suitable for everyone.

Phan Anh
Great course

Thanks to the course, I have leveled up my skills and got my first job work as a content creator! you will be surprised about how he teaches you and explains to you everything that you need to not only learn the basics but also you can use that to apply to your real projects in the future. 10 out 10

Eugene Aleta

I am enjoying the masterclass, Ross made a perfect structure how to learn the basics of animation from beginner to advance level.

I highly recommend this course.

Great work!

Loved the course! It was easy to follow along and was very well explained for a beginner like me. It was ideally suited for the projects I want to create and work on. Ross sets a good pace and explains things very well, without wasting any time going over useless features. Would love to see even more map animations in future updates.

Thank you, i‘m looking forward to see what comes next!

You've Got Questions?

I've never used After Effects before, can I complete the course?

Yes! The course is designed to take you from the very start. Given the wide range of topics covered in this course it will be most beneficial to a Beginner & Intermediate level After Effects user. More so, it's for people who want to learn 2D animation and want to be able to create their own animated videos.

I say to people if you have read the full course curriculum above and feel the topics cover areas you want to learn more about or you get value from my youtube channel, then this course is for you.

How long will the course take to complete?

There are over 40 videos to watch. Most videos have multiple animations within them (Over 50 animations), it would take a beginner anywhere up to about 30 days to complete. 

You have access to all the videos from the start so you can take as little or as long as you like to complete it. Your access is for life, so you can login anytime you like and work through the course.

Will I have the course for life?

Yes, this is an online lifetime access - one time payment with no ongoing subscriptions! You'll get unique online login at checkout for immediate access to all the content included in this course (40+ videos, 50+ Animations). Please Note: This Course is currently NOT Downloadable, but the course material is.

Can I download the course and material?

Yes, the course material you need to finish the course is included as a download. However the video tutorials themselves are NOT available for download.

This is an online course, you will be given a unique login after purchase which will take you straight to the course page.

We currently don't offer the videos as download simply because we are always updating videos in the background. We also add new community videos which are not available to download, this ensures you are always watching/getting the most up to date information.

What do I need to complete the course?

The course is online, so you will need an internet connection and a computer (If you're reading this, then you already have those). You will also require a copy of Adobe After Effects, a FREE trial will also work just fine. You will find all the links and resources you need included in the course.

14 Day Money Back Guarantee?

If you are not satisfied with any of the course you paid for you are entitled to a full refund within 14 days of the purchase upon written notice and request to us coupled with an explanation as to why you deserve a refund.

Make an honest attempt to follow through each video, and I will literally guarantee you will learn new skills! Read our full refund policy.

Paid Course vs YouTube?

Why should I pay for online training when YouTube is FREE? Youtube is a great free resource, but it's challenging to find the right information when you need it. Also how do you know what you should be learning? The whole idea of a course is to present the right information, with a step by step plan to the right user at the right time. 

"You're getting the right information, saving yourself a headache from all the guess work and saving hours sifting through YouTube for those answers."

Typical Expected Learning Times

  • The sad truth is, a lot of YouTube channels teach outdated techniques, or they make you watch 'sing and dance' to increase watch time before giving you any real information!

  • YouTube says there are nearly 500 hours of content uploaded to their platform every MINUTE, this means the hours spent searching is only going up!

  • Every video in the course is structured and to the point, making it easy to go back and find the right information when you need it "NO FLUFF."

  • Other websites sell courses on sales for 95% OFF... the truth is if they don't value their own courses as being worth very much, why should you?