Let's Create Fun And More Exciting Video Effects Together

Join me on a journey into the realm of video effects and transitions. This mini course uncovers the secrets behind captivating visual effects, offering a unique opportunity to elevate your creative skills.

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Creating Unique Effects Can Be Challenging

Hey I’m Ross
, and if you watch videos online maybe;

  • You've always wanted to learn how to make video effects
  • Tried to replicate the videos you've seen online but struggled
  • You're a beginner and not sure how to start creating cool videos

Well you're in the right place! I stand by this course as one of the simplest & best ways to learn how to create awesome video effects that will make your videos stand out.


Introducing My
Video Effects Mini Course

An online mini course with a step by step After Effects tutorials that teach you how to create introductory effects & transitions. I'll teach you how to create some of the amazing effects seen in my cinematic video above.

With This Course You Will Learn

To Make Killer Effects

By the end of this course you'll know how to make some killer effects you can use in your own videos.

How To Stand Out

Unlock the boundless potential of video effects to create stunning visuals that will set your videos apart from the rest, captivating your audience's attention.

To Unleash Creativity

This course will help you overcome the roadblocks and barriers you currently face. This will allow you to unleash your creativity.

Effects You Will Learn

Wipe Transitions

Wipe transitions are among the the most popular nowadays. I'll show you some techniques to make them really stand out. Specifically how to make a hand wipe transition.

Water Transitions

Among the top inquiries I receive for effects are interesting ways to cut between clips. Water transitions are one type that I use to great effect throughout my video.

Zoom Transitions

It's not just about creating transitions but rather about crafting interesting and captivating visuals. I'll teach you some techniques that will help you craft some interesting zoom effects.

What's Inside The Course?

There are 9 video lessons, with 8 effects & transitions to learn. Watch all the effects below. 


Filming & Settings

In lesson one I teach you all about the cameras, camera settings and techniques I used to film my cinematic video.

3 x Video Effects

There are 3 different video effect tutorials including: Jet Ski on Sand Effect, Hand Wipe Effect and Seamless Flow Effect.

5 x Transitions

You will learn: Cup Zoom, Jet Ski Transition, Diving Mask, Phone Transition and multiple Water Transitions.

Spice Up Your Edits
Color Grading LUT Pack

This pack includes 12 premium color grading LUTs. Perfect for color grading and adding a punch to your travel footage. LUTs are compatible with every type of camera and video editor. Full video tutorial included.


Create A Unique Look

LUTs ensure a cohesive and professional look for your footage. They match color tones, balance contrast, and unify the visual aesthetic, creating a consistent look across your project or portfolio.


Color LUTs In Action

SWIPE to see all 12 LUTs in action, they work with all editors and Photoshop too!


Minutes of Content


Video Lessons


Effects & Transitions

Spice Up Your Edits

Choose an option that works for best for you

Color LUT Pack

$37$17/ one time

  • Color Grading LUT Pack
  • 12 color grading LUTs (.cube)
  • Video tutorial
Mini Course Plus

$67$47/ one time

  • FULL Video Effects Mini Course
  • Lifetime online access
  • 9 video lessons
  • 8 unique effects & transitions

Includes my full Color Grading LUT Pack - 12 .cube LUTs

Access to MotionFX Pro Private Facebook Group - Tons of additional videos & resources

Premium level support


Mini Course Premium

$117$77/ one time

  • FULL Video Effects Mini Course
  • Lifetime online access
  • 9 video lessons
  • 8 unique effects & transitions
  • Includes my full Color Grading LUT Pack - 12 .cube LUTs
  • Access to MotionFX Pro Private Facebook Group - Tons of additional videos & resources
  • Premium level support

Who Is This Mini Course For?

If any of these people sound like you, then this course will be of great benefit to you

You’ve always wanted to learn video effects but don’t know where to start

You've tried but can never seem to replicate the results yourself

You're somewhat a beginner or intermediate After Effects user

You want to make videos & effects like the creators you see online

You want to be able to make your own effects without having to watch YouTube vids

Get Started HERE

...But YouTube is Free?

As we know YouTube tutorials are perfect for how to do a specific task, but not how to properly learn the program. I offer a structured plan to learn the skills that will allow you to create your own videos and rely less on YouTube tutorials.



  • It's free, but you'll be paying in the additional time to learn
  • No structure or framework
  • Can take 2+ years to learn After Effects... I know
  • Outdated techniques
  • Questionable online "Experts"
  • No plan or support
  • You will 100% learn bad techniques
Film School


  • It's expensive! A degree in film will cost around $30,000 in USA
  • It will take about 18 months to complete full time
  • You'll learn a lot of stuff that isn't relevant to what you want to do
  • You may not learn the most up to date techniques and trends
  • I have a bachelor in film and no one has ever asked to see it!
Premium Course

$117$77/ one time

  • Its extremely affordable!
  • Straight to the point, structured learning
  • Lifetime online access
  • Up to date techniques
  • Full community support
  • Includes Color Grading LUT Pack
  • My training has generated proven results for my students
  • Premium level support

At The End Of This Course
Where Will You Be?

Imagine you’ve just finished the course and your beaming with confidence and motivation from your new skills. 

Now compare this to the last video you made, the mistakes, hours spent watching YouTube tutorials and all the frustration.

Do yourself a favour and invest in a step by step plan that is guaranteed and proven, and make life easier for yourself.

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