Learn How To MASTER 2D Animation | Animation Master Course

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There is a reason why animation is so widely used across mainstream media. Animation is a very effective tool for telling stories and capturing audiences interests, but when you watch animations online you can never seem to achieve the same results...

That's why I created this course which will teach you After Effects techniques so you'll be able to make your own animations.


☑️ How you can be consistent in your animation style.

☑️ How to work in 3d space and create dynamic camera movements

☑️ How to bring still images to life in slideshows and animated graphics.

☑️ Where to find Vectors online and how to effectively use them in After Effects.

☑️ Turn a voice over it into an animation using colors, fonts and different styles.

☑️ How to create a documentary style video using archival footage, images and voice over.

☑️ Different ideas for text/titles and simple animations to bring them to life.

☑️ Graphs and interesting ways to present statistics and information.